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ICOFORT International Conference 2018

in Hikone, Japan

Oct 23-26, 2018 (Post-conference Tour Oct 27-28)



  The conference will take place in the city of Hikone, in Shiga Prefecture in Japan, between October 23 (Tue) and 26 (Fr), 2018, followed by post-conference tour to the western regions of Japan. Hikone is known as typical “castle city” (joka-machi) formulated in the course of the 16th and the 17th centuries with the construction of a castle in the centre. This castle, designed for Lord Ii, is among the five castles in Japan designated as national treasure. The defensive system is elaborated by double moat system as well as steep stone walls around the compound. In parallel with the castle tower (tenshukaku) above the hill, sophisticated residences and pavilions are situated on the lower land with subtle and profound artistic flavour.


About ICOFORT Conference


Conference: Oct 23 – 26, 2018

Post-conference Tour will be programmed between

October 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun) 



Himeji,  Matsue and Okuizumo

(Hyogo and Shimane Prefectures)



Nagasaki, Shimabara and Kumamotoi

(Nagasaki and Kumamoto Prefectures)


Hikone Cultural Plaza
187-4 Nose, Hikone, Shiga, 522-0055, JAPAN

Theme of Conference

Fortification and Defensive City


Organized by:

Executive Committee for ICOFORT International Conference in Hikone

Co-organized by:

ICOFORT / Japan ICOMOS National Committee (ICOFORT Subcommittee) /
Hikone City / Hikone City Board of EducationARCHI-DEPOT Corporation /

Shiga University / University of Shiga Prefecture/ Seisen University


Three languages are to be used as common languages during the conference:

Japanese, English and Spanish


An Exhibition by the theme of "Castles of the World" will be held at Hikone during the Conference. Those who are willing to show their own system of defensive city and fortification are welcome to exhibit their works. The secretariat will coordinate this exhibition.



Oct 22, Mon

Oct 23, Tue





Oct 24, Wed




Oct 25, Thu




Oct 26, Fri


Oct 27, Sat

Oct 28, Sun

Oct 29, Mon


  • Arrival of Participants

  • 11:00 Registration at Hikone Civic Hall

  • 11:00 Registration at Hikone Cultural Plaza

  •  13:00-17:00 Opening Ceremony and Opening Symposium (-17:00)

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Round Table on Fortified City

<<Incidental Event>>

  •  15:00 Opening of Exhibition
    “Castle of the World”

  • 19:00 Reception
    at Hikone Castle Resort and Spa

  • 9:30-12:30 Academic Session
    (Parallel Sessions)

  • 13:30-17:00 Visit to Hikone Castle Compound and Surrounding Area

<<Incidental Event>>

  • 12:00 Kyogen Play (Japanese traditional play)

  • Event of Matchlock gun  

  • Tea Ceremony offered by local community

  • 9:30-12:30 Academic Session
    (Parallel Sessions)

  • 13:30-17:30 Annual Meeting of ICOFORT

  • 14:30 Academic Presentation (Parallel Session)

  •  Excursion in and   around Hikone by bus
    (Azuchi Castle, Iga Ninja village etc.)

  • Post-Conference Tour
    Nagasaki+Shimabara+ Kumamoto

  • Post-Conference Tour
    Nagasaki+Shimabara+ Kumamoto

  • Departure of Participants

Post-Conference Tour



Oct 27 (Sat)

Transfer from Hikone to Nagasaki by Shinkansen rapid train (6 hours)
Afternoon, visit to military heritages of the Second World War

(arsenal, naval dock, site of atomic bomb etc)
Memorial in Nagasaki
Hotel in Nagasaki

Oct 28 (Sun)

Early morning, transfer from Nagasaki to Shimabara by bus,

visit to Hara Castle Site (Christian Stronghold of the 17th Century),
In the afternoon, transfer to Kumamoto by ferry (1.5 hour)
Visit to Kumamoto Castle Restoration site (damage by earthquake) Hara Castle site 
(Christians Stronghold in the 17th century)

Hotel in Kumamoto

Oct 29 (Mon)

Departure from Nagasaki (air, train)


VISA/ Expense

VISA Application

The organizer will be in charge of the visa application formalities for

those who are required to apply for Japanese visa. 

Participants are expected to pay the following expenses:


  • Registration Fee 200USD

  • Travel expense to/from Hikone

  • Accommodation (list of suggested hotels shown below) and meals during the Conference except the reception and the farewell party

  • Post Conference Tour
    (eventually, the detail will be informed by the end of May)

List of Hotels in Hikone


Hikone has a number of hotels and inns (Japanese style ryokan). You may find the list in the web site of Hikone Sightseeing Association:


All these hotels and inns upload their own Home Pages, but some of them are written only in Japanese.

<Around Hikone Castle>

  1. Hikone Castle Resort & Spa

  2. Hikone North Art Hotel


<Hikone Old City>

  1. Ryotei  Ryokan Yasui

  2. Kiyotaki Ryokan

  3. Business Hotel Serikawa

  4. Tobaya Ryokan

  5. A Townhouse in the Heart of Hikone HonMachijuku

  6. Guest House MUGA


<Around JR Hikone Station West Gate>

  1. Hotel Sunroute Hikone

  2. Hotel Estacion Hikone

  3. Grande Duke Hotel

  4. Business Hotel Oumi

  5. Hikone Station Hotel


<Around JR Hikone Station East Gate>

  1. Comfort Hotel Hikone

  2. Toyoko Inn Hikone-eki Higashi-guchi


<Around JR Minami-Hikone Station>

  1. Hotel Lakeland Hikone

  2. Minami-Hikone Station Hotel

  3. Super Hotel Minami-Hikone Ekimae


<Other Areas>

  1. Biwako Conference Center

  2. Hikone View Hotel

  3. Lake Side Ryokan Futabaso

  4. Kanponoyado Hikone

  5. Garden Hotel Yamato

  6. Hotel Route-Inn Hikone

  7. Hikone Art Hotel

  8. Business Hotel Kurama

  9. Apa Hotel Hikoneminami

  10. Hikone Biwako Hotel

You can directly book the hotels or inns through their home pages, but it is also recommended to book through international booking site such as or Trip Advisor in order to avoid language problem.


Important   Advice: As the second half of October is the highest season of tourism in Japan. It is strongly recommended to book your rooms as soon as possible if you have rough idea of the travel. In case you come to decide not to go to Japan, you can easily cancel the reservation. Otherwise you will lose the chance to find most appropriate rooms for you.


Paper/ Theme

Submission of Paper

  Those who are willing to make presentation in the Conference have to submit the full paper. The author has to pass the screening processes when he/she submit the abstract. Once he/she is accepted, full paper has to be submitted in a due time. The languages of the Proceedings are English, Spanish and Japanese, but for the latter two, English abstracts should be added. 
Accordingly, the Proceedings will be edited and published based on the following schedule.


Submission of Abstract: deadline July 23 (Mon), 2018

Acceptance of Abstract: July 30 (Mon), 2018

Submission of Full Paper: deadline September 3 (Mon), 2018

Completion of Final List of Presentation: September  17 (Mon), 2018

Thematic Area

The theme of 2018 ICOFORT Hikone is “Fortification and Defensive City”. The presentations will be allocated into the issue-based interdisciplinary sessions. The applicants are expected to assume the following areas for their presentation.


  • Castle and Fortification

  • Defensive System and Techinque for Cities and Settlements

  • Naval Affairs and Port

  • Modern Military Facilities and Sites

  • Memory of War and Military Landscape

  • Documentation, Conservation and Management of Military Heritage

Key Dates


Mar 19 (Mon)

May 10 (Thu)

June 27 (Wed)

July 23 (Mon)

July 30 (Mon)

Aug 13 (Mon)

Sep 3 (Mon)

Oct 12 (Fri)


<1st Circular>

  • Call for Papers accompanied by detailed information, to be announced through website

<2nd Circular>

  • Call for Papers accompanied by detailed information, to be announced through website

<3rd Circular>

  • Detailed information about the conference and post-conference tour

  • Deadline for receiving Abstracts

  •  Announcement on acceptance of Abstracts

  • Closing of Registration

  • Deadline of submission of Full Paper

<4th Circular>

  • Detailed information about the conference and post-conference tour



For inquiries please contact the secretariat:

Secretariat of the Executive Committee for

ICOFORT International Conference in Hikone:
chairman Riichi Miyake
coordinator Rumi Okazaki
c/o Japan ICOMOS National Committee
Iwanami HItotsubashi Building 13F, 2-5-5 Hitotsubashi,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0003, Japón
Tel: +81-3-3261-5303



By Train:


To get to Hikone City, please take the JR train to Hikone Station.

If you are using the bullet train or the express train,

please make a transfer at Maibara Station.

Taking the bullet train or express train to Maibara Station:

  • From TOKYO to Maibara 2h10min (bullet train)

  • From NAGOYA to Maibara 30min (bullet train)

  • From KANAZAWA to Maibara 2h (express train)

  • From SHIN-OSAKA to Maibara 40min (bullet train)

  • From OKAYAMA to Maibara 1h55min (bullet train)

  • From FUKUOKA to Maibara 3h25min (bullet train)


Taking the local train from Maibara to Hikone:

  • Please take the JR Tokaido Line (direction to Kyoto). 

  • From MAIBARA to Hikone 5min (local train)

  • From KYOTO to Hikone 46min (local train)

  • From OSAKA to Hikone 80min (local train)

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